Daily Times: Fairly democratic environment in Azerbaijan, says youth leader

Baku, Azerbaijan, April 5 Trend: There’s currently a fairly democratic and favourable election environment in Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Reformist Youth Public Union Chairman Farid Shahbazli said in his article published in Daily Times. He noted that there’s a strong political will for the country to hold elections freely and transparently in line with international election standards. “All presidential candidates have the same conditions both during the registration process and during the campaign period. At the same time, domestic and international observers have shown a great interest in the elections. According to them, they see a transparent election environment in the country. Most importantly, Azerbaijani citizens have a great interest in the election process and I’m sure that on the day of the election every citizen will vote for the candidate they actively support,” said Shahbazli. He noted that Azerbaijan is a leading state in the region and emphasized that the country contributes greatly to stability and security in the region. “The role of our country in the energy security of Europe is an indisputable fact. Undoubtedly, it’s a very important point for Azerbaijan to protect its position as an island of stability in the tense geopolitical atmosphere in the world against a background of conflicts and wars flamed every day in the most complicated region. In this sense, I think that the elections in Azerbaijan are of special importance not only for the South Caucasus region but for the entire world as a whole,” said Shahbazli. He went on to add that owing to international projects implemented in the country, Azerbaijan has become a leading state in the region. Follow Trend on Telegram. Only most interesting and important news